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Self-diagnosis Engine and treatment follow-up

Self-declared Symptoms



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What is the scientific basis of our algorithm?

Before a patient can consult a doctor, he or she is asked to fill out an online health questionnaire that serves to verify his or her eligibility for a medical cannabis prescription (pre-diagnosis).

Schematically, our preparations contain two active ingredients: CBD and THC. These molecules interact with each other (synergies and entourage effect) and the real impact  on each patient must be carefully evaluated.

To facilitate the work of the doctor, we have developed an expert system that calibrates the dosage according to the severity of the symptom(s) to be treated. Built on the basis of your answers to the to the self-diagnosis, an algorithm calculates three formulations that best correspond to your needs.

This algorithm (patent pending) was built on the basis of the most recent scientific studies ( 1 ) and to date has a total of 12,236 patients. These figures are continuously refined by the collection of information on the effectiveness of each treatment. Possible overdoses are thus avoided and -if necessary- your doctor is alerted by us.

1 Cannabis report 2017-20 - University of Bremen

Pharmakologische Haupt-Wirkungen von THC und CBD 2020 - Dr Fankhauser

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